Cherokee Buys Non-Performing Assets

Turn Your Bad Loans Into Cash

If your organization owns or manages non-performing loan assets that are secured by real estate (i.e. mortgages and deeds of trust), Cherokee will buy them from you at a competitive price ... quickly, quietly, and on an all-cash basis.

Cherokee Financial, LLC is a source of reliable funding to liquidate your charged-off tax liens and other realty-related debt. We buy nationwide portfolios and portfolios segmented by region or state. Our expertise and capital allow for quick portfolio review and immediate funding for the purchase.

If you own or manage non-performing assets, deciding how to "get as much as possible" can be a more complex decision than it might initially appear. If you are in this situation, we offer a 3-page outline entitled "Structuring & Optimizing the Recovery from Your NPL Portfolio". This outlines the issues you should consider when deciding how to proceed. It helps clarify your objectives, and organizes the process of research and analysis. You can download a free copy of this outline here.

We will also structure “participating workouts” on larger portfolios, giving you additional upside, but completely limiting your liability and downside.

Cherokee will compensate intermediaries who can facilitate transactions.

Cherokee is committed to the principles of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We subscribe to a code of ethics that provides for the fair and respectful treatment of our customers.

Our collection approach is professional and diplomatic, and our staff adhere to all state and federal laws. We do not re-market any portfolios.

Cherokee does not institute foreclosure unless we are convinced that a borrower has the ability, but not the willingness, to honor their commitment to repay a debt. Even when a customer is far in arrears, we offer forbearance so as to help them refinance at the best rate possible.

When you sell your non-performing loans to Cherokee, you can be assured that we will treat your customers with the same respect and professionalism as you would, if you had the resources and volition to “work” the files further.

Cherokee is a stable, reliable partner.  (See About Us)

For a no-obligation, absolutely confidential conversation, and a fast answer, please contact Jay Wolfkind at (800) 543-0201, extension 11, or by email: Click here to send an email to Jay Wolfkind.

Cherokee Financial is responsive, discrete, capable, and eager to buy your non-performing assets.

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Cherokee Financial ... Let Us Make YOUR Non-Performers Work!