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This is a page on the web site of Cherokee Financial, LLC.

Help With Bills

If you are having difficulty paying all your bills and/or anyone (including Cherokee) has contacted you asking for payments that you do not understand or cannot make, then it is very important that you consult an attorney immediately.

If you do not have a family attorney, or if you cannot afford an attorney, there may be free or low cost assistance available to you.  For more information, please go to our Resources for Debtors page.

If you require immediate assistance from Cherokee, please contact us by telephone at (732) 741-2000.

Cherokee can not, and does not, provide legal advise or financial counseling. If you were contacted by Cherokee with a notice that your loan was transferred to Cherokee, it is important that you respond to us.  It is equally important that you contact an attorney immediately to understand and protect your rights.

Thank you for visiting the Cherokee Financial web site.

The Cherokee Group

Almost every web site that is sponsored by a public agency or private organization seeks to introduce its "owner", and advance the goals of that organization. We offer an overview of what Cherokee Group Partners do, how we do it, and how it benefits you, on the series of pages starting with About Cherokee. If you're at this web site "checking us out", this is where we recommend you begin.

After introducing ourselves, and explaining how we advance community development, and help others solve their problems, we then provide a great deal of (hopefully) useful information geared towards the needs and interests of specific "interest groups".

Government & Community Development. If you are associated with a government agency or other non-profit organization, or if your interest is community development, we recommend you start on this page. This web page provides links to valuable community development resources, and how Cherokee facilitates these important goals.

People + Private Firms. If you are not from a government agency or social service organization, then this is your generic "start here" page. Banks, investors, contractors, tenants, reporters, and everyone else should start here to see an index of topics and links of interest to the "private sector".

Other Information. In addition to the preceding, we offer a variety of additional information that is not necessary focused on a specific audience. We have grouped this "other" information into what we call Other Information. This is a "catch all" page, including resources for those who work with us, or would like to work with us, or who are associated with a property, mortgage or other Cherokee asset, as well as links to other web sites with additional information and resources. This also has links to information about "non-performing" assets, resources for people seeking assistance, and "everything else".

The preceding describes the objectives and organization of the Cherokee Partner Group websites. The material in the column on the right offers information with regard to interfacing with this web site and its various functions.

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